How Much $100 of Bitcoin Could Be Worth When the Last Coin is Mined

Everybody is aware of that at some point Bitcoin mining will finally stop, and the final coin will likely be mined. The date for this is anticipated to be round the 12 months 2140. So what may an funding of $100 now be value in 120 years time? 

Bitcoin to the Moon
To estimate the worth of Bitcoin nicely into the future we want to check out progress fashions for the cryptocurrency. The two most well-known are Parabolic Trav’s Parabolic tremendous development worth progress mannequin, and Plan B’s Stock to Flow worth mannequin (S2F).
We’ll additionally must take note of that if hyperbitcoinization does happen, and Bitcoin turns into world cash utilized by everybody, and no different sort of foreign money exists in any respect, there are nonetheless limits to Bitcoin’s worth progress.
Hal Finney predicted Bitcoin to have a worth of 10 million per coin again in 2009. In Finney’s estimate he merely took the estimates for world family wealth and divided it by 21 million cash.
He arrived at $10 million per coin. Decrypt revisited the thought, and recalculated with up to date numbers and got here to a worth of $18 million per coin. Bitcoin’s parabolic progress can solely preserve rising till there is no extra wealth whose worth could be transformed to Satoshis.
Parabolic Super Trend
Parabolic Trav’s parabolic tremendous development mannequin intently correlates with Plan B’s inventory to stream mannequin. While many buyers low cost the thought of parabolic progress, Bitcoin has already grown 2,232,111,011.11% since Marti Malmi bought the first Bitcoins for fiat foreign money in 2009, to its all time excessive of $20Okay in 2017.

Bitcoin follows an S-curve of technological adoption, as a result of whereas it is a “foreign money” it is additionally new expertise, which is being adopted by new customers at S-curve adoption charges.

See the similarities in Trav’s parabolic worth mannequin and S-curves of new expertise adoption? They are each parabolic. We might even see BTC observe the steeper curve exhibited by sensible telephones and the web.
Bitcoin Stock to Flow Model
Stock to stream is what number of years it might take to supply the present complete provide of an asset. Gold’s inventory to stream is 62. It would take 62 years of mining to supply the present world provide.
Plan B’s S2F additional helps this parabolic progress with the mannequin he offered to indicate the impression Bitcoin’s halvings have on worth. Bitcoin’s S2F is 25, at the moment however will likely be halved to an S2F of 50, a lot nearer to gold.

On the graph above you possibly can see the parabolic worth enhance overlaid with the discount in block rewards each 210,000 blocks (roughly four years).
Plan B’s mannequin predicts a trillion greenback Bitcoin market cap after the upcoming halving, or a projected worth of $55,000 per BTC.

Following Plan B’s mannequin, Digitalek.internet initiatives the worth of BTC in 2025 to be $1,215,730.5 per coin.
Finney’s Estimate in Light of Parabolic Growth And S2F
Credit Suisse estimates world family wealth to be $360 trillion in USD. Dividing this quantity by 21 million Bitcoin places us at a worth of $17,142,857 per BTC.
However, Chainalysis estimates that as a lot as four million BTC have been misplaced, so let’s calculate for 17 million BTC.  Using Finney’s calculation with 17 million BTC as an alternative of 21 places us at $21,176,470.58.
Assuming hyperbitcoinization happens by 2140, $100 of BTC at at this time’s present worth of $8880, could be zero.01126 in Satoshis. These similar Satoshis may have a projected worth of $238,373.77 by the time the final Bitcoin is mined in 2140.
How a lot do you suppose 1 BTC will likely be value in 2140? Let us know in the feedback!

Images through Shutterstock, charts by Market Realist, Planb, HCBurger1, Tradingview @ParabolicInvestor 


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