Onli Announces Believe a Micro-Commodity Trading Platform

Onli(TM) Inc.’s patented technology has been a pioneer of blockchain technology since 2010. They believe that the real opportunity in the blockchain revolution is micro-commodities in vertical markets.

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Onli Inc. today announces the second installation of the Believe a Micro Commodity Trading Platform, built on top of the Onli.One infrastructure. Onli makes a toolkit to create innovative micro-commodities. Onli.One is an infrastructure as a service that includes everything that is needed to operate a marketplace for those assets. Included in Onli is the patented technology blockchain identity management system, this is at the core of the Believe micro-commodity platform. Believe is a ready-to-use micro commodity platform built using these components.

The ability to make a coin is not the same as being able to open and operate a business. Launching a working scalable digital asset exchange is anything but quick and affordable; also, maintaining an exchange is complex and expensive. Believe was built to help individuals create solutions that leverage market efficiencies for vertical economies.”

Solving a major problem for the unbanked agricultural industry 

Believe recently helped the state of Arizona and Alta solve a major problem for an unbanked sector of the agricultural industry. In order to build a viable solution, the State of Arizona required a unique feature set that is not found in any other system. Transactions had to be geo-fenced to not cross any state lines, and so they stay within the regulatory authority of the state. Since this is a new industry, trust was important and being able to make visible the source of a money-back guarantee was critical. The entire exchange and all records had to stay within the borders of the state, therefore, having a dedicated infrastructure was also a critical requirement. Alta was able to do all of this with the Believe platform. Alta built their solutions simply through configuration and option settings of Believe, all without writing a single line of code. Alta was able to implement their innovative idea using a micro-commodity as a micro-currency to solve the unbanked problem of the industry. They were able to go from concept to customer in just 90 days.

What is Onli 

Onli™ is built on patented technology that enables the creation of a programmable value container, store it, move it around and keep it safe. Onli™ is original code, not a fork of any opensource software. Onli™ was invented in 2010. Onli took a completely different approach to blockchain from DLTs and Bitcoin, invented in 2009. Onli has all of the benefits and none of the problems of conventional blockchain and was built to fit within regulatory environments. Onli technology enables enterprises and entrepreneurs and governments to create digital asset classes. Onli.One is an infrastructure as a service that helps quickly create a dedicated marketplace for those assets. ONLI ™ is a registered trademark of Onli, Inc. 

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