Peerion: The nexus between gaming and entrepreneurship

Many gamers are natural born
entrepreneurs, only they just haven’t realized it yet. Gamers persevere in
their attempt to solve a problem, using and honing their skills during every
hour of play to overcome challenges and earn the ultimate reward: Beat the game.

As it happens, perseverance,
cooperation, and problem solving are particularly useful skills for
entrepreneurship. Peerion facilitates and fosters gamers to use these abilities
through a gamified environment where they can solve real-world problems and
monetize their talent and engagement with the platform.

What Peerion does

The current generations are
inextricably linked with technology and social media. Children of the so-called
Millennials and Generation Z were born and raised in a world dominated by the
ever-present internet. YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and so many other apps are
household names for most kids. And for better or worse, gaming is one of the
current generation’s main sources of entertainment and socializing.

This kinship enables millions of
people from these demographics to thrive in a technological environment, and
more so if that ecosystem includes a game-like platform.

Peerion takes inspiration from that
global mindset to establish a free market and social networking platform framed
within a gameful experience, boosting users (Peers) entrepreneurial drive by
presenting real world problems as game-like challenges.

Reversing the job loss to automation trend

Human presence in the workplace is
being slowly eroded by the increasing adoption of automated machinery.
According to the McKinsey Global Institute, between 3% to 14% of the global
workforce will be forced to switch occupations by 2030, due to automation.

This is an alarming but very real
trend. Peerion addresses this problem by channelling the gamers’ innate
problem-solving skills and resilience through a smart platform that enables
them to focus all their creative energy to solve the automation dilemma.

The world of Peerion: Features

Peerion is a trustless free marketplace
powered by smart contracts, which Peerion uses to manage Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

But Peerion can also be defined as a
playground for entrepreneurs, who can use their skills to resolve problems in a
game-like environment.

Peerion offers:

  • Marketplace – Peerionauts can start
    their journey here, by creating their own shop, post requests for products or
    services, invest or start projects, and much more.
  • Opportunity to branch out, grow
    one’s Tree (assets), and build an ecosystem of support.
  • Monetization of ‘window shopping’
    via smart ads and surveys.
  • Hyperstamps, which give social clout for all
    the right reasons and causes.
  • Peerion Ambition Loop
    (PAL), a professional matchmaking and collaborative job creation tool.
  • Nimbus, Peerion’s own asset manager
    that gives peers total control over their own data.
  • Totems – Peers can either remain
    anonymous or choose a Totem, essentially an avatar that they can identify with.
    Peerion includes Totem Dash, a
    turn-based game where Peers compete with each other to earn tokens.

Peerion as the nexus of e-commerce and social media

Klein, Peerion’s founder, says that, “Peerion, at
its core, is a social ecommerce platform. It uses a gameful design to stimulate
engagement and promote cooperation in order to solve real world problems with
game-like challenges. By offering a rewarding and immersive, educational
experience through practical interactions, Peerion guides people to self
improvement and true autonomy.”

The Peerion ecosystem is built by
the people for the people. Peerion rises out of a world connected by global
links of e-commerce, and held together by social media channels.

Peerion stands as the nexus of such
world, becoming the radiant center of all these converging strands of knowledge
and power.

The challenge awaits. Enter now!

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