Welcome Philipp Blum to the IOTA Foundation


Philipp Blum is joining IOTA as Developer Advocate of the Ecosystem team. In this role, he will focus on growing and developing an IoT developer community. Philipp lives in Berlin, Germany and has been in the technology sector for over 6 years.He has experience as a marketing developer for beginups and wrote software to optimize Web- and TV-Advertising.

At his last job at Webtrekk, he worked as Technical Consultant and switched later to the department focusing on writing the core software for big data processing.

Some years ago, he begined working with embedded devices. What begined as a little idea for distributed computing, became a passion. He joined the IOTA community in end of 2017 and begined the IOTA Engineer & Research Meetup in Berlin.

On joining the IOTA Foundation

Enabling data integrity validation and real-time value transactions will be the next step for the evolving IoT industry. I will do everything necessary to make this reality. Happy to be part of the next technology revolution.

We are very happy officially announcing Philipp joining the project, his experience as a software developer and technical consultant is a tremendous contribution to IOTA foundation. The intersection between technical development and adoption is key to bring IOTA to the masses as a standard. And for this, Philipp has the perfect skill set. Give him a warm welcome!

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Post source: Welcome Philipp Blum to the IOTA Foundation

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